The Asian Deli is currently closed for restructuring and will reopen in Summer 2017. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our plans, feel free to send us an email at asiandelimn@hotmail.com.

We look forward providing you with new, improved services this summer!

Want fresh and delicious food inspired by Lao, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine for your next event or gathering?  Just call Asian Deli & Restaurant, your favorite local food caterer! Asian Deli & Restaurant can cater Southeast Asian food for all your events at low, competitive prices!

Half trays feed approximately 10-12 people while full trays feed approximately 18-20 people. At time of ordering, please inform Asian Deli & Restaurant of any food allergies. We require at least a 2 week minimum notice for large catering orders and at least 24 hrs notice for small catering orders. Same day catering orders are subject to availability.


1. Deep Fried Chicken Wings – $50 (Half)/ $100 (Full)

2. Cream Cheese Rolls – $60 (Half)/ $100 (Full) 

3. Spring Rolls – $60 (Half)/ $100 (Full)  Vegetarian/Tofu on request

4. Summer Rolls – $60 (Half)/ $100 (Full)  Vegetarian/Tofu on request

5. Egg Rolls $70 (Half)/ $110 (Full)

6. Chicken Satay – $65 (Half)/ $100 (Full) 

7. Stuffed Chicken Wings $2.25/wing


8. Kao Poon $70 (Half)/ $120 (Full)

9. Pho (Regular) $65 (Half)/ $110 (Full)

10. Special Pho $70 (Half)/ $130 (Full)

11. Tom Koom$70 (Half)/ $120 (Full) Tender slices of beef and beef tendons in a rich and bitter flavor soup with lemongrass, Chinese celery, onions, and Thai chili.

12. Kang O’Larbe$70 (Half)/ $120 (Full) Beef broth with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, beef tendon and other vegetables.

13. Kang Nor Mai $70 (Half)/ $120 (Full) Pork broth with Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and leafy greens.

14. Tom Yum $70 (Half)/ $130 (Full) Seafood or Fish

15. Kang Kao Lao $85 (Half)/ $120 (Full) 

16. Bean Thread Soup$65 (Half)/ $90 (Full)

17. Khao Piak $60 (Half)/ $100 (Full)


18. Papaya Salad$65 (Half)/ $90 (Full) Thai or Lao style.

19. Yum Seafood$70 (Half)/ $120 (Full) 

20. Yum Bean Thread$65 (Half)/ $100 (Full)

21. Spicy Beef & Cucumber Salad$65 (Half)/ $95 (Full)

22. Vietnamese Noodle Egg Roll $70 (Half)/ $120 (Full)

. 23. Supha$70 (Half)/ $120 (Full) Seasoned vegetables mixed with bamboo, mushrooms, green onions, cilantro, red onions, sesame seeds, and galanga.


24. Banana Leaf Steamed Catfish$3.94/wrap

25. Red Curry $65 (Half)/ $110 (Full)

26. Deep Fried Shrimp$80 (Half)/ $120 (Full)

27. Pad Thai$50 (Half)/ $90 (Full)

28. Pad See Ew$50 (Half)/ $90 (Full)

29. Beef Larb$80 (Half)/ $130 (Full)

30. Chicken Larb$70 (Half)/ $120 (Full)

31. Regular Fried Rice$50 (Half)/ $90 (Full)

32. House Special Fried Rice$75 (Half)/ $125 (Full)

33. Chinese Broccoli Stir Fry$75 (Half)/ $120 (Full) .

34. Spinach Stir Fry$75 (Half)/ $120 (Full)

35. Fried Fish with Tomato Sauce $80 (Half)/ $130 (Full)


36. Sticky Rice$30 (Half) / $55 (Full)

37. White Rice$25 (Half) / $50 (Full)


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Delivery for catering orders are subject to a 15% charge. Catering service is available during store hours as well as weekends. There is a $250 minimum on weekend orders. We require at least 1 business day notification for meetings and small events and at least 1 week’s notification for large parties. All orders require a 50% down payment. Prices are subject to change. Half trays feed approximately 10-12 people while full trays feed approximately 18-20 people. At time of ordering, please inform Asian Deli of any food allergies.

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